Your full outsource retail operating partner


Integrated, seamless multi-location, omni-channel sales.

  • Best-in-class offline-capable Point of Sale (POS).
  • Commission-free sale of non-stock items like tickets and donations through the POS (and online).
  • All items barcoded or on fast touch buttons
  • Flexible, cost-effective multi-location (eg. pop-ups).
  • e-Commerce – please refer below.
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SAP (8)
SAP (11)
Financials (2)

Admin and Finance

Full administration and finance function.

Systems and Processes

  • Best-in-class ERP (SAP B1).
  • Secure hosted server – data security and protection.
  • Segregation of incompatible functions (eg. purchase ordering, goods receiving, creditors payment run). 
  • GDPR and POPI compliant systems and head office.


  • Monthly management pack – including comprehensive analysis and reconciliation of all balance sheet accounts to sub ledgers. Our date-driven system effectively treats every month-end as a year-end. 
  • Automated postings – all trading is within the ERP,  so general ledger postings are automated. Manual journal entries for manual items only (eg. non-recurring accruals).
  • All engagement with client’s external auditors. 
  • For most clients, the only work i.r.o. their retail business is to process a monthy entry on their accounting system. We provide this entry in the required format.

Supply chain management

Full function – sourcing to payment, small crafters to imports.

  • Supplier relationships – fair and consistent supplier engagement. We’re firm, but understand things can go wrong, even to the best suppliers. 
  • 100% clean product data housed in one repository only. Validated, hierarchical code build up and attributes. Data quality is the foundation on which a successful retail operation is built and is a core competence in our team.
  • Stock planning and buffer management – maximization of stock efficiency and return on capital.
  • Bulk trade terms and a best cost price guarantee from local manufacturers and distributors.
  • Pre-negotiated bulk bank rates on cash and card receipts.
  • Stock control including stock take management. 
  • Margin control – informed, experienced trading decisions.
  • Visual merchandising – optimization, balancing profit and aesthetic considerations. 
  • Buying and ranging – the most bespoke aspect of our offering. These services are discussed case-by-case.
Supply Chain
HR (4)

Human Resources

Full Payroll, Human Resources and Industrial Relations functions.

  • We manage the retail team, whether they’re on ARP’s payroll or the client’s payroll. 
  • Expert and experienced retail-specific recruitment.
  • Tried-and-tested retention strategies. Our core value,  fairness, drives all HR decisions – fair rostering, fair incentives etc. 
  • Full payroll function. 
  • Full industrial relations function.
  • Human resource management is famously tough in retail. The “people side” of business is one of our strengths.

Online / eCommerce


  • Best-in-class webstore solution.
  • Full integration between webstore and ERP – no duplication of data, no double-capturing. This includes rich stock data (features, attributes and availability). 
  • Integration to third party marketplaces (if required).
  • Commission-free sale of non-stock items like tickets and donations online (and through the POS).


  • New webstore – every retailer, no matter how small or tourist-focused, should have a webstore. We project manage webstore implementations where required.
  • Existing webstore – for new clients with an existing webstore, ERP integration and management will be discussed on a case by case basis. 

Ongoing management 

  • Client servicing  and fulfilment – we manage the client-servicing and fulfilment team (usually designated members of the bricks-and-mortar team).
  • Marketing – we can do digital marketing in-house, but prefer not to. A congruent online strategy should be implemented across an attraction’s full offering (of which retail is but one component).
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